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Robert H. Strickland Associates has the background, common sense, and group dynamics skills to help business owners and entrepeneurs conceptualize and implement processes to ensure operational success.

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If starting a business is your dream, you need a strategic plan to chart your course. We help you brainstorm your concept, develop strategic and marketing plans, and create your company's operational documents as we go. We organize an office workflow from scratch or reorganize an existing one to function more efficiently. If you are seeking financing, we work with your attorney and accountant to create a formal business plan.

Buying an Existing Business

Before you buy a business, make sure it has a complete complement of operational documents. If not, make the seller provide you with these documents as a condition of sale. We edit and update existing documents or create them from scratch -- at your request.

Strengthening Your Business

Do you give your employees the training, documents, and authority to get a job done? Do you know how to gather and use information, market your business, and adapt to change quickly? We help you identify policies and procedures that weaken your operation and assist in implementing a system of strong ones.

Growing Your Business

If your business is not growing as expected, several factors may have become obstacles to growth. We can help you eliminate factors resulting from poor planning, unclear procedures, or inadequate marketing skills.

Offering Franchises

Before you can enjoy the advantages of franchising your business, your "flagship" operation must be efficient to the point of perfection. Franchisees require a marketing plan and promotional items, as well as training and operational documents. We assist you in assessing your needs and documenting your operation before you offer franchises.

Selling Your Business

Even certified third-party appraisals may not reveal operational problems that are not directly related to financial data. Businesses that provide clearly documented operating procedures for prospective buyers bring a higher price on the market. We help you discover operational deficiencies that an appraisal is not designed to find and assist you in clearing up these problems before they devalue your business.

Marketing and Advertising Assistance

Robert H. Strickland Associates provides marketing and advertising assistance from the preparation of the simplest brochure to an entire program for your company's identification in the marketplace. These services include, but are not limited to, the development of logos, brochures, technical product sheets, etc., and research and development regarding branding. We develop manuals, scripts, and slide sets for employee training, sales training, and sales presentations.

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