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The following is contact information for selected references.

Allegiance Telecom, Dallas, Texas
Jerrold Sklar, Former Senior Vice President, OSS, 817-907-8725

Duratain, Inc., Spanaway, Washington
Wade and Jacqueline Weiss, Owners, 253-847-5054 or 866-500-5054 toll free

Medtronic MidasRex, Fort Worth, Texas
George Leon, Director, Information Systems, 763-514-4000

Omega Dealer Services, Inc. (now T2 Modus LLC), Dallas, Texas
James Roach, Chief Executive Officer, 800-257-9722

Orthofix (formerly American Medical Electronics), Richardson, Texas
Fran Hagerty, Senior Vice President, Shared Services, 336-475-6600

Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas
Terry Hayes, Publication Manager, 214-480-1225

X-Stream Publishing, LLC, Carson City, Nevada
Manus Monroe, Ph.D., Partner, 707-823-0421

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